Wow... I thought writing a little “about me” was going to be easy until I realized just how much stuff I do.

First and foremost, I’m a wife and mother for more years than many people have been alive. I’m a gardener, cook, writer, author, traveler, I design and sell rag rugs, knit, crochet, raise birds, make beauty products, CEO of Golden Leash Pet Products, Adviser for Integrity Marketing, manage several 5-Star Airbnb homes, but one of my greatest passions is internet marketing. And oh yes, I am a Bingo Queen in 8 states and 3 countries - heck, I even wrote a "Gotta Get to BINGO Cookbook"! I’m sure there’s a lot more like raising a family, but tomorrow is another day.


I believe “Everything is easy when you know how” and my goal is to educate as many people like me, that for so long did not have a clue.

I consider myself to be ‘an endless student’. No matter how old I get (and yes I am old) there is ALWAYS more to learn, share and teach. I believe that the possibilities are endless for anyone who wants to work from home no matter what their skill level.

For years my technical skill level was shopping on Amazon, checking Facebook and answering email. Layering pages or jumping from site to site was overwhelming for me. When it became necessary for me to earn an extra income I discovered that much of what I did every day anyway could earn me a living.

Google became my best friend for finding resources. Then I discovered the importance of having a coach and being held accountable. I could lie in bed and dream about all the possibilities, but until I put things into action, they were just dreams.

The thing I am most proud (other than my boys) is after losing 202 lbs I created the “Lose weight and Find Yourself Diet Plan” and for the pets in your life I created Golden Leash Pet Products. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of people and animals and my products have done just that. I love diversification. Life can be boring if you just do one thing and don’t challenge your mind. Now I’m making a change in the lives of so many people and their pets as well.

I want to leave a great BIG ink stain on this world and help a lot of people do the same along the way.

What are you waiting for?

Life is Beautiful

If you don't decide now, when will you?