You are getting ready to make a HUGE life change, Today will be your first of 2 – 24 hour fasts you will do on this plan. If you really, REALLY feel you cannot fast, then you can go right to day 2 and stick with a day of vegetables, but plain water fasting would be so much better.

Let’s think about this for a moment.

I want you to have a good mindset. You need to understand that fasting is NOT dangerous. People have followed this way of feast and famine for centuries and have thrived on it. It truly is only our contemporary society where food is extremely abundant and big food conglomerates teach us to eat every few hours.

THIS has not caused better health. But in fact, THIS is the reason for extreme obesity and rampant diabetes. Eating this way never allows you to get into a fasted state which your body needs. It has been spouted on by doctors and fitness gurus in the past to eat 5, 6 even 8 small meals a day. Your metabolism never has a chance to rest. This way of eating causes a lot more harm than good.

You really have to change your perception of what hunger is. Instead of feeling like you are starving yourself and will feel exhaustion or lethargy, you should actually see it as finding good health, a clean body and vigor.

First you must understand the difference between fasting and starvation

  • Fasting is simply the personal choice to abstain from food.
  • Starvation is when your body is not getting enough nutrients.

When you fast, you will actually be more nourished. Sounds crazy right???, But when you fast you are using your inner fuel supply (FAT) so muscle catabolism slows to a minimum and you will be creating ketones (we will talk about them later)

In other words, your body turns to another source of fuel. As long as you have any fat on your body, you will not starve.

You will only be fasting for 2 of the 20 days. It’s not nearly as hard as you think. You need to get mentally prepared, but once you are committed it is easy. This 20-day reset (yes, it’s only 20 days) will be the most amazing thing you have ever done for your health.

Try to schedule your fast for a day off from work or a day when you can rest. You will want to eat low carb foods during the day and then eat your LAST meal for the next 24 hours at dinner. You will then fast dinner to dinner. As you will be sleeping through half of it, you will only need to fast through breakfast and lunch. Then eat your next meal at dinner. See…It is not hard. I know you can do it. If you feel light headed you can put a little pink salt in the palm of your hand and lick it off or drink a shot glass of pickle juice to boost your electrolytes. (yes, that sounds strange, but it works). If you have bone broth, you may indulge in a cup of that as well. But the truth is, water is your best option. Staying hydrated is very important. So ready, set, let’s do this!


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