I’m always amazed when I talk to someone who has tried CBD oil and after a day or 2 says it doesn’t work. Huh? Really?

There hasn’t been enough information posted on what you should expect. EACH PERSON WILL REACT DIFFERENTLY.

CBD oil is not a magic bullet that will fix all that ails you. It usually takes a little time for you to notice something happening. You will usually feel a sense of good will first. That nervous feeling in your tummy will go away. You will feel less stressed. You will feel more focused.

This is not something that will go away unless you do not take it consistently. You will start to sleep better. Then you will start to notice things a little at a time, like less arthritis pain. Maybe you will be able to start lowering your medications or even eventually not have to take them anymore (always reduce your medications with a doctors supervision.

One thing I can tell you is if you are in extreme pain, CBD oil will not help if you only take it once or twice. It takes time. It will not relieve sciatica nerve pain. Maybe lesson it a bit. It will relieve swelling, it will help in so many ways. You cannot choose what you want it to do for you. It will do what it needs to do. It will put your body in a state where it can start to heal. IT WILL TAKE TIME.

Your problems did not happen over night. They will not go away over night. You can take Western medications and have instant gratification, or you can stay on the course with OMG! CBD oil and enjoy a slower healing process that will not kill your liver or kidneys like drugs will.

I personally have been blessed with feeling so many great effects. I have been on OMG! CBD oil for several months now. It has helped my thyroid, diabetes, hair loss, arthritis, dry skin (including wrinkles on my face) varicose veins, sleeping and stress. I didn’t start taking it for a specific reason. I just knew it was good for me.

Each day I am surprised with new discoveries.I can tell you that once you have been on it for a while and then stop taking it, all the stress that you didn’t know you had will come back.

OK… enough ranting for today.

Stop looking for a reason for CBD oil to not work.

It works. You just have to take it.

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