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I am an ‘endless student’.
No matter how old I get (and yes I am old) there is ALWAYS more to learn, share and teach. I believe that the possibilities are endless for anyone who wants to work from home no matter what their skill level is. I had very little techy skills when this all started. “Everything is easy when you know how” and my goal is to educate as many people like me, that for so long did not have a clue.
First and foremost, I’m a wife and mother for more years than many people have been alive. I’m a gardener, cook, writer, author, traveler, I design and sell rag rugs, knit, crochet, raise birds, fish, love my dogs and make my own beauty products. 
One of my greatest success stories is I have lost 202 lbs. After much research I developed a basic diet plan on how anyone can detox their body and reset their metabolism. Not many people know that the best way to be successful on any diet you chose for yourself is to prepare your body for such a change. My 20 day diet plan is the perfect place to start. I know it works because I have lived it.
I also saw the need for a health product for animals and created and became the CEO of Golden Leash Pet Products. Beside all that I manage several 5-Star Airbnb homes, and oh yes, I am a Bingo Queen in 8 states and 3 countries – heck, I even wrote a “Gotta Get to BINGO Cookbook“! I’m sure there’s a lot more like raising a family, but tomorrow is another day.
So you see, my skill sets are extremely diversified. Life should be fun and interesting. I want to be able to reach out to people that never thought they could be successful and show them how they can be. I believe in teaching kids that they can build a job and lifestyle for themselves without having to worry or depend on the unreliable JOB. I believe in making the world a better by helping all the people that feel they can’t.

about me

BrandieBushwitz.com is a magical place where you can see all the things I’m up to. I love to cook, write, help pets with my line of pet products and help you to lose weight by offering you my FREE weight loss book.  Then Treegles, Leafians and Groundmogs come alive in the young adult fantacy “When the Moon Shines Over the River”. The first book of this trilogy will be published soon. I can even offer you a fabulous Airbnb for your next trip to Guatemala. So look around and enjoy!


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